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The only person who can tell your story is you.  To make an appointment simply contact me on 083 853 2459 or at

Appointments are held between 8am - 9.30pm Monday to Thursday including lunch time.  Limited appointments are available Friday - Saturday in Dublin City Centre.

It can take a few sessions for you to get comfortable working with a therapist and for me to fully understand your situation.  That is why I offer the option of a 30 minute free consultation session before stanrting therapy and agree to work together for 6 - 8 weeks initially.  After that we can review how we are getting along and discuss whether to proceed or end the therapy depending on your needs.


The first session is different to the ones that follow due to the introductions and formalities.  I will have already spoken with you to arrange the appointment and to get an idea of what is bringing you to therapy.road-368719

When you come for therapy for the first time, remind yourself that you are the expert of your own life!  I am not there to judge you.  I will explain my terms such as the cancellation policy and confidentiality and usually.  You can also ask me any questions you might have. 

If you have any doubts I offer the option of a free 30 minute consultation session before starting the therapy sessions.

If you don't feel comfortable with the first psychotherapist you see, try someone else.  It is important that you have a good fit with your therapist for the therapy to be effective.

If you haven't been to the therapy centre before make sure you know where it is and give yourself an extra 5 minutes.  Therapy centre's usually have a low profile but I will give you the address and directions beforehand.

By the end of this first meeting you should have an idea of how the process works, you should feel heard and together we will have an idea of what to work on in the following sessions.

Therapy is an experience unlike any other in this world.

It can feel overwhelming, exposing and a little scary but is very powerful.  Most people who try psychotherapy appreciate the benefits and the chance to explore self-awareness and the possibility new ways of thinking and being. 


Almost all of us experience financial difficulties at some stage in our lives, particularly given recent times. 

Before training as a therapist I worked in Financial Services.  I have vast experience and qualifications in money management, budgeting, negotiation skills, stress management, credit and lending so I get how money can be a very difficult subject.  I am passionate about mental health and emotional wellbeing and do not believe therapy should be a luxury expense.  Therapy should be for anyone who feels they need it.

I reserve a number of my appointments for people in financial difficulty for low cost counselling.

Contact me to enquire about the cost of therapy or to discuss the possibility of low cost counselling. 

Acora Psychotherapy, Counselling, Personal Development, Wellbeing.

Gillian Fagan
Dublin City Centre
Dublin, Ireland

083 853 2459


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