Career Direction Coach and Stress Therapy

A lot of times we are in the job we staggered into rather than the job we want which can make getting up in the mornings feel like a chore. By working with me you will become aware of your priorities in life and quickly determine if ambition and success are among your life goals or if you are happy just earning a salary so that you have the energy to put into other things. I can work with you to help you decide what your dream job is and what you can do to get it. I will work with you to set goals and a plan to achieve them, supporting you through the process. This approach will help you realise your skills so that you feel more confident. Even if you have the dream job you may find yourself burdened by career stress or struggling to maintain the work / life balance. Together we can find a way that works for you to reduce stress and put a plan in place to get back on track with your priorities in life putting self-care at the top of the list. By working with a coach you will become more self-aware and clearer about living the life you want.

Oppressed man talking with psychologist
Oppressed man talking with psychologist


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