Couples Therapy

Sometimes couples need help in communicating and understanding each other. You might find your relationship going through a rough patch, hitting a wall or going around in circles and feel confused or unappreciated. Couples come together for counselling because there is still love and hope and love should be given a chance. Before the therapy I will ask you each to complete a form so I can get an understanding of what your priorities are and what you want to work at. I will also give you the option to come individually for the first session to help you feel at ease. I work with all couples including LGBT and non-traditional relationships.

Taking this journey side by side can help you explore the relationship in a new way and have the chance to be heard as you both get the chance to open up and talk. The therapy is your space so it is up to you what you want to work on and get out of the sessions. Over time couples learn how to communicate more effectively and resolve conflict.




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