Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Depression can affect your entire life, mentally, physically and emotionally. It is a persistent feeling of sadness, loneliness, pain, uselessness and emotional exhaustion and can lead to withdrawal and suicidal thoughts if not treated in time. Depression is often misunderstood and is not something that someone can just snap out of. As difficult as it might be to seek help, depression is treatable. Therapy can help you understand the behaviours, emotions and beliefs that can be at the root of the depression and provide coping techniques while reconstructing ways of thinking.

There are so many different types of anxiety and it can manifest in different ways, including panic attacks. Anxiety is very distressing and you might feel like you have no control. It has been proven that when we confront our worries and fears, without judgement and negativity, the sense of anxiety will gradually subside. We will look at the trigger points and I will help you manage the anxiety, changing the mental frame in a natural manner while also helping you discover that sense of self and confidence.



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