Self-Esteem, Confidence and Body Issues Therapy

Psychotherapy and counselling can help build self-esteem and confidence by using integrative and cognitive methods to help you untangle your life to find your core and develop your belief in yourself. You will be able to openly talk about those inner parts that you don’t like and together we can look at the doubt and fear that causes you struggle. Healthy self-esteem and confidence can enhance how we see ourselves and improve our relationships. Therapy can help you silence those internal negative and critical thoughts.



The Importance of Self-Care

Are you well?  Does it take an illness for you to stop and give yourself a break or a bit of time-out?  We are more inclined …


Psychotherapy at Acora

With everyone living such busy, demanding, stressful lives,wellbeing has become a huge industry.  Today there are so many …



Hello, While you are here reading this I want to take the opportunity to welcome you and introduce myself. I am a psychotherapist …